Wigs: Frequently Asked Questions

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How do we get started with the procedure for obtaining a wig?
Please call and make an appointment for a wig fitting and we will try our best to accommodate your needs as far as color, style and fit.

Does insurance cover the wig cost?
Most insurance companies have a durable medical allowance. Please call your insurance company to verify your plan's benefit.

Do I need a prescription from my doctor?
You need a prescription if you are using your insurance benefit.

Will I be able to take the wig home the day of my appointment?
Yes, if you like a wig that we have in stock. If we order a wig for you, it usually arrives at the boutique within a week. We then call you to schedule you for a follow up appointment to try on the wig you ordered.

What are the wigs made of?
The wigs we carry in the boutique are made of synthetic fibers.

How do I care for my new wig?
The wigs require special shampoo made specifically for synthetic hair. We carry a line of products for the care of these wigs.

How often do I need to wash my wig?
This depends upon how often you wear your wig. You may wash the wig as often or as frequently as you wish providing you leave ample time for the wig to air dry. This usually is overnight. Longer time may be required for longer hair styles.

Do you cut / style the wig at your boutique?
No. The wigs come permanently styled and do not need this attention. We are not licensed to cut hair.

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