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What can I wear right after surgery?

During the weeks before a permanent prosthesis can be fitted, you may choose to wear a post surgical camisole that will provide security and comfort with a snug but non-restrictive fit. Some women also like an initial care bra designed especially to be less structured for the recovery time. Both the camisole and the initial care bras can be worn with a soft fiberfill leisure form.

How soon can I be fitted for my permanent prosthesis?

As soon as you receive permission from your physician, usually 4 to 6 weeks after surgery, you are ready to schedule an appointment to be fitted for a silicone breast form.

What is a silicone breast form?

A silicone breast form is designed to be worn in a bra and to closely resemble the natural appearance, feel and weight of a breast. When you start wearing your external breast form, you will feel more balanced physically, from the weight of the form, and emotionally by a return to your natural silhouette.

Why is it necessary to wear a silicone breast prosthesis?

Because the human body is symmetrical, imbalance occurs when a breast is removed causing one shoulder to drop downward and inward and the other shoulder to rise up. When the body is not properly aligned, back, shoulder, and neck discomfort can result. A weighted silicone breast form will help restore natural balance by approximating the remaining breast in weight and balance as well as in projection and width.

How many women wear breast forms?

Approximately 60% of post breast surgery women (more than 1.5 million American women) choose to wear an external breast prosthesis.

What type of breast forms are on the market?

There are two basic types, silicone (having weight to them) and non-silicone (made of cloth and fill).

Why would a woman require a breast form following a lumpectomy?

The goal of a lumpectomy is to preserve as much of the surrounding breast tissue as possible. However, the removal of cancerous lump may cause a noticeable difference in size from the normal breast. In order to restore equalization and smooth (even) out indentations, a partial breast form is recommended.

Is a breast form ever necessary after reconstruction?

A reconstructed breast is not always an exact match. Weight gain or loss in the years following reconstruction can also result in a need for a partial prosthesis.

Will people be able to tell if I have a breast form on?

NO!! With a proper fit, no one will be able to tell you are wearing a prosthesis (breast form). This is why an experienced fitter is essential.

Can I wear a silicone breast form while swimming?

All silicone breast forms can be worn in the swimming pool, ocean, or Jacuzzi. However, some women prefer using a specially designed swim form. A breast form should be worn in a post surgical bathing suit designed with pockets to hold the form securely. Also, non-surgical swimwear can be customized by adding a surgical pocket for post surgical wear.

Are there lighter weight breast forms?

Yes - breast forms are now available 15% - 25% lighter in weight to accommodate a variety of needs. Your professional fitter will measure & try on several different shapes, sizes and weights before you decide which one looks and feels best.

Can a breast form be worn with a regular fashion bra?

Yes - we believe, most any proper fitting bra can be adapted for post surgical wear. We customize by adding pockets to your fashion bras and swimwear. This allows our clients more choices.

Why should I go to a professional fitter?

Because every woman is different. There are hundreds of sizes, styles and shapes that have been created to match a woman's remaining natural breast. A certified professional fitter is trained to measure and select the proper prosthesis for each individual woman.

Does my insurance pay for any of my post breast surgery products?

Medicare, most HMO's as well as private health insurers offer coverage for breast prostheses and surgical bras. We advise that you check with your individual insurer.

How often should I have my fitting checked?

As a general rule, a fitting should be checked at least once per year, or when there are changes.

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