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Board of Certification / Accreditation, International


New England Medical Fitting has earned accreditation for both our facility and mastectomy fitters from the Board of Orthotists/ Prosthetist Certification. As licensed professionals we are trained and comply with the high standards set forth by the medical fitting industry.

Facility Accreditation: Facility accreditation standards were developed to assure the public of the availability of comprehensive prosthetic services consistent with local, state and national laws and regulations (e.g., OSHA and ADA).

Mastectomy Fitters: BOC-Certified practitioners have a proven mastery of the art and craft of creating, fitting, and adjusting prosthetic devices to meet the needs and comfort of the patient. The skill comes from years of providing direct patient services under the direct supervision of a certified practitioner. BOC practitioners not only provide the best technical solutions; they provide the best human solutions.

Other certifications and training:

Compression Fitting: In addition, our fitters are trained in the fitting and application of compression stockings and sleeves.

Wig Fitting: We added an oncology boutique to our facility where staff is trained in wig fitting for the latest head prosthetics.

We are committed to staying current with the latest innovations and techniques by participating regularly in continuing education courses and seminars. We feel that the proper training helps us to provide the most comprehensive fitting experience for our clients.

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