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"A relationship built over time and trust ..."

Pat Souke and Shirley Hanlon founded New England Medical Fitting in 1989. They are certified medical fitters who have worked with hundreds of clients to help them make informed choices and provide the proper fit for the required products.

Pat and Shirley initially opened New England Medical Fitting to better serve women after breast surgery. The business has since grown to include fitting for compression stockings and sleeves, and most recently wigs and related oncology products.

When they opened New England Medical Fitting they did so because there was really no place offering women an appropriate setting for post breast surgery fitting.

Their feeling was, "If this happened to one of us, what would make the fitting experience most comfortable?" That prompted them to create a private comfortable atmosphere to accommodate their clients needs.

Shirley and Pat are very proud of the way their facility has grown and evolved over the years.

"It's gratifying to be part of a business that provides comprehensive service for so many people."

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Oncology Boutique expansion geared at making life a little easier for cancer patients
Oncology Boutique at New England Medical Fitting, Weymouth, MA Shirley Hanlon, left, and Pat Souke, co-owners of New England Medical Fitting in Weymouth, MA, have expanded their business to include an "oncology boutique" that sells wigs, scarves and even soaps and lotions made specifically for use by cancer patients.                   - (Photo by Amelia Kunhardt)

By A.J. Bauer
The Patriot Ledger
April 28, 2008

Weymouth - Pat Souke and Shirley Hanlon have been helping women cope with breast cancer's body-altering changes for nearly 20 years by fitting them with post-surgical bras and prosthetics.

Now the owners of New England Medical Fitting are hoping to make shopping for cancer-related accessories easier by expanding their product line via an addition to their Weymouth shop they're calling an "oncology boutique." The store still offers personalized fittings for breast prosthetics, as well as post-surgical lingerie and bathing suits, but now it's adding other essentials like wigs, scarves and even soaps and lotions made specifically for use by cancer patients.

"This is more of a shopping experience," Hanlon said. "We've tried to make it less medical."

Sisters-in-law, Souke, 61, a Weymouth resident, and Hanlon, 64, a Scituate resident, got their start fitting women for lingerie and corsets at Hanlon's Corset Shop in Quincy, the family business. Back then, Souke said, women who had mastectomies or other breast-altering surgeries would often come to Hanlon's looking for customized items.

Sensing a demand, Souke and Hanlon launched New England Medical Fitting in Quincy 1989. Soon they found insurance companies that would pay for patients to receive their services and - through word-of-mouth and working closely with oncologists who made referrals - demand steadily grew.

The shop moved to Weymouth in 1992 and has benefited as South Shore Hospital has grown its cancer treatment capabilities and more oncologists have moved to the region.

"We built relationships with the oncologists so they would know there is a professional fitting service that wasn't done in a back room somewhere," Souke said. "Which is where a lot of this was done before."

Souke and Hanlon have made their mark giving patients more of a personal shopping experience, a feature they feel has been strengthened in the six months since they've been slowly developing the boutique concept.

"In medicine today, all the treatments the cancer patient needs have been centralized," Souke said. "... Instead of the patient having to go out and find all these resources, let's bring all the resources to them."

That one-stop shop mentality has always made sense, they said, and when consultant Ann Carr offered to conduct wig fittings, they knew the time had come to act.

"When you're undergoing treatment, having to go around from place to place is very difficult," Hanlon said. "This makes them feel better."


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